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It's 2023. Or 1999... Whatever. Personal sites are back. Blogs are back. RSS is back. Owning your data is becoming real. Raspberry Pi will hopefully be in stock soon and before you know it, we will all be running little single-app, “appliance,” servers in our homes or renting them from the internet mom-and-pop equivalents of the hosting world.

It all makes me a bit happy.

Of course those are big brush strokes filling in a paint-by-numbers picture. I was never good at coloring. I could neither create my own pictures, nor stay in the lines of a paint-by-numbers. I don't know what that makes me, but I always felt like a little bit of a failure. I'm not left brain or right brain... #sad.

I do find it fascinating that one of the big differences between 1999 and 2023 is the inversion of the compute pyramid between client and server. We all walk around with very powerful clients, (“edge,” devices?), but can run all of our server-side apps on little Raspberry Pi. A little Mastodon server here; a little Writely server there. Cotainerise them all and run them on your home NAS (OK, maybe then you would need a bit more compute...). It's feeling exciting again!

There was a quick recommendation by for Reeder 5 on macOS/iOS. I will give that a whirl.